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“ Art is to imbue form with meaning.

Successful art is to experience the meaning viscerally. ”

Anthony S. Miola


My current endeavors are as a 3D Artist, Animator, and Photographer. Perpetually engaging in digital media, photography, design, and traditional artwork. 

My love of story, film, music, art, and nature continually provides inspiration for creativity. As a contemporary artist, I enthusiastically embrace the global diversity and distinct infusion of technology in artwork. I am captivated and impassioned by the aesthetics of the American Southwest.


My technical capabilities are motivated by an energetic curiosity in the activities that I enjoy most. They are comprised of a diverse range of skills in craftsmanship, audio engineering, culinary arts, and digital media. I learn from those who are passionately dedicated to their craft and aspire to fulfill that role for others. 


The fruition of hard work and the endless pursuit of knowledge is a life well-lived.


Cat whisperer. Coffee enthusiast.




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