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2020 Vicon 
The Standard 

Drexel University feature on page 36. 

View the edition at: Vicon Official Site

Drexel Motion Capture Club Vicon Feature

Original Featured Photo from Drexel Motion Capture Club Meeting

Drexel Motion Capture Club Founding Members

Drexel Motion Capture Club Founding Members 2018

2019 VR Telecom Tour
Brian Sanders' 2nd Sanctuary 

2nd Sanctuary Disco Room Photogrammetry

Drexel's VR Experts Raise the Dead 

View the article at: Drexel News Blog

" The group produced four unique virtual reality experiences for 2nd Sanctuary. In one, students from the IRL worked with performers from Sanders’ troupe, JUNK, to record dance movements in Drexel’s motion capture studio that would provide the framework for the virtual reality phantoms at a 1970s disco prom. "

- Britt Faulstick 2019.10

VR Telecom Tour Gallery

2018 Story Medicine
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The DU/CHOP "Optimism" Augmented Reality App was developed by Drexel Westphal students in partnership with staff at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as a way to share interactive augmented reality experiences with patients.

CHOP Story Medicine Documentary

Watch the documentary on Vimeo

The AR app features nine characters and environments designed by patients at the Children's Hospital and implemented by Drexel students!

Motion capture to augmented reality character pipeline.

"Optimism" AR App Live!

AR "Optimism" Gallery

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